Rochester Hockey Academy Goaltending



RHA Goaltending (RHAG) is Rochester’s newest goaltender specific training company for players of all skill levels and ages. RHAG provides year round training to young goaltenders with focus on developing the skills needed to improve their play and reach the next level, while also providing a fun environment at the same time. RHAG provides a variety of services to our consumers, including but not limited to: in-season coaching, private lessons, specialized clinics, summer camps (coming summer 2016), and video analysis. RHAG utilizes training techniques created and perfected by professionals, with the help of props to get the most out of each student. RHAG will do all that is needed to answer any and every question our students may have about the position and the game.


Services and Pricing:

Private Lessons: These half hour sessions are available to goaltenders of all ages and skill levels. They can be at a ratio of 1 instructor to 1 student, all the way up to a 1:4 ratio*. Our private lessons utilize the necessary props and tools created and perfected by professionals to help elevate any goaltenders game. For information on dates, times, and scheduling please see the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Price: $43 per lesson with Senior Instructor

*Prices may vary in group setting

6-pack: $240

12-pack: $456


In-Practice Coaching: Tell your coaches about us! Our in-season coaching provides coaches the ability to hold skill development time for their teams while RHAG provides their goaltenders with essential training. We will come to your practice and work with the goaltenders for either 30 or 60 minutes on what it is they need to improve.

Price: 30 minutes for $50 with a Senior Instructor

60 minutes for $75 with a Senior Instructor


Specialized Clinics: RHAG Specialized Clinics will vary depending on demand and time of year. These clinics include, save selection clinics, footwork clinics, stickhandling clinics, and control the game clinics. For more details please see our contact information at the bottom of the page.

Prices may vary


Consulting: Take a video of your private lesson or a recent game and we will help review it with you! Sometimes, the best tool is watching yourself and with the help of RHA Goaltending, we can help you improve your game by making use of the video tool. All video must be recorded by the customer and brought to these sessions.

Price: $20/half hour