Total Hockey Training
Private 1:1 Off-Ice Training

During these lessons, players will be taught proper mechanics of stickhandling and shooting with age appropriate drills. These lessons are designed for players who sincerely want to improve their stickhandling and shooting abilities. RHA coaches will use all available resources including our HockeyShot shooting surface, slide boards and other stick handling tools to improve the following skill areas:


  • Slap Shots
  • Wrist Shots/Snap Shots
  • Backhands
  • One Timers
  • Shooting Games


  • Stationary and Moving
  • Puck Protection/Body Position
  • Dekes and Fakes
  • In Confined Spaces
  • Puck Handling Games

Our goal for the players that attend these lessons is to provide positive coaching and instill good practice habits so that they will leave with increased confidence with the puck and ultimately improve their playmaking and scoring abilities.

  • $20/ 30 minute lesson with RHA Instructor ($100 for 6 pack)
  • $17/ 30 minute small group (2-5 players) lesson with RHAInstructor


Email Mike Muhs directly at  or View our online scheduling system please visit the link below: