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On-Ice Lesson/Off-Ice Training Combo Now Available!


On-Ice Lessons:


On-ice lessons will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual player based on their goals and current skill level. Our coaches will focus on skill development and game awareness by incorporating a wide range of drills and game like situations.

Our on-ice instructors also have a wide range of coaching/ playing experience and are great with kids of all ages! Private Goalie lessons are also available!


Off-Ice Training:


Each off-ice training session will focus on the critical facets of hockey specific performance including functional strength, explosive power, core strength and balance, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning and much more! Our team of experienced strength coaches will design a developmentally appropriate training program that will help you reach the peak of your physical performance in a safe and supportive environment!


Please call 585-465-0785 or email leaderer.rhahockey@gmail.com for more information regarding on.off-ice packages and pricing.



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