Rochester Hockey Academy And Perinton Youth Hockey - Learn To Play Hockey!

Perinton Youth Hockey (PYH) is pleased to announce that the Rochester Hockey Academy (RHA) will coordinate our on ice sessions for the upcoming year. RHA has been the leading the program for the last 3 years in which PYH has had exponential growth in the program.  All participants will have the opportunity to learn from the best while maintaining our parent on ice involvement.

Our intention is to maximize our ice utilization and formalize the training to instill strong basic hockey skills for the participants, while allowing a program that enhances player skills without jeopardizing the “fun” portion of the program. Our intent is to follow USA Hockey Guidelines and continued use of the Cross Ice Program. There will be two 50-minute sessions each week. Weekday sessions will not begin before 5:00 p.m. and will end no later than 8:30 p.m.

The PYH Initiation programs include the Beginner, Intermediate and Overage Beginners Programs.  This program is for skaters following USA Hockey’s Initiation Program guidelines stressing skill development and de-emphasizing competition. Beginner/Intermediate programs begin the last week of September and/or first week of October and end in March.  The Overrage program typically begins in mid October and runs through early March. Early registration is strongly recommended.

PYH makes every attempt to schedule practices on consistent days for these programs. When registering you can indicate your preference for which program days you wish to attend.  We will do our best to accomodate your request.  Letters or e-mails will be sent towards the end of September with your group assignment.

Our hockey program promotes parent involvement; your efforts make our program what it is! Please take the time to consider becoming a manager, coach or volunteer.

In our continued effort to make hockey affordable for everyone, we have partnered with the Tim Horton’s Timbit Program, who provide the jerseys used in the program.


Beginners - Open to skaters age 4-8 with little or no skating skills. Emphasis will be on balance, forward and backward skating, crossover turns, and stops.


Intermediate - Open to skater’s age 4-8 who have successfully completed the beginner level and are ready to learn team skills. Skaters should be able to demonstrate forward and backward skating ability, stopping, and turning to be placed at this level.  Players will be placed in groups under the direction of a head coach.  Practices will consist of skating, hockey and team skill development, and scrimmages.


Overage Beginners - Open to skaters age 9-17 with little or no hockey skills.  Players will be taught all of the fundamentals with an emphasis on forward and backward skating, stopping, turning, and hockey/team skill development.  Depending on individual development and progress, a player may be selected prior to December 15th to play on a house level team (with appropriate registration fees).



All Sessions are held at Thomas Creek Ice Arena.

To learn more - Visit http://www.perintonyouthhockey.org/